I had a chance to collaborate with my old college buddies, the talented Ray Ricafort (Riggsyfort) and Mike Song.  The polishing of the video is all due to the great work by our editor Mark Batstone.  Amazing experience to have been able to work with everyone involved!  
I've added a new item to my equipment package.  The Flanders Scientific CM-170W is a 17" Multi-Format reference monitor with 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Component, Composite, & DVI-I Inputs. This unit features full 12-bit video processing and a 10-bit panel capable of reproducing over 1.073 billion colors on screen. The CM-170W features support for virtually any signal format from NTSC/PAL to HD and 2K, including advanced 12-bit, 4:4:4, and XYZ signal formats.  It is available for rental!
I had the opportunity to travel to Yosemite National Park in California to shoot a promo for Chase Sapphire's Credit Card rewards program.  We shot with my 5D mkII and Kessler Stealth slider w/ elektraDRIVE motor controller.  We were lucky to have great weather the whole time there.  An amazing experience & trip!  
The trailer for the short film "Bowes Academy" that I had the pleasure of shooting is available online.  This piece was written & directed by Greg Emetaz of Minor Apocalypse productions.  

Trailer is available here.
Last year, I was fortunate enough to be asked to shoot a project for Conde Nast Travler and Land Rover USA.  This project took us out to various locations within Inner Mongolia, where we followed and documented members of the Expedition Club in their search for the tomb of Genghis Khan!  The Land Rover vehicle was the perfect tool to travel through any type of terrain.  We drove it through dirt & rocks, mountains, water, and sand.  We had a small team and there were many challenges logistically but at the end, I think we were able to get some great footage.  It was an amazing adventure and experience and I definitely fell in love with the food out there!  I hope you enjoy the video above!
What a way to start the year!  I had the great pleasure of working with Director of Photography, Steve Romano at Velocity Media Systems and the Phantom Flex camera.  We shot at various speeds over 1000 fps.  Most of the subjects were balloons and our bigger setup included 3 people slipping into giant balloons!   The challenge of shooting balloons were their reflective surface and we wanted to keep a consistent soft, top source for lighting to get a nice reflection off the top of the balloons.  We ended up rigging 10 5K Skypans up top, going through a 20'x20' Full gridcloth.  We also added Arri T-12s if we needed more exposure or fill.  It was a great crew and a really fun project to work on!
Happy holidays everyone!  See you in 2013!!
I'm currently in pre-production for the short film "Bowes Academy".  I'll be collaborating with director Greg Emetaz of Minor Apocalypse productions.  I'm very excited to be a part of this film and please check out our kickstarter page for more info and support!

More info here
GMDGT stands for Great Men Do Great Things and these gentlemen featured in Riggsyfort's debut music video definitely made great things happen.  With a shoe string budget and a very last minute change up, I think we were able to come up with something really great.  Shot on the RED Scarlet-X camera and features the talented Mike Song and the badass crew (DMai, Kazu, John, Kota, Noel, Chris, and Mark) this project was a true collaboration and hell of a fun project to be a part of.  I can't thank enough the people that helped out on this shoot and hope that we can all do it again!  Check out the video here.
I have the great pleasure of co-directing the feature length documentary, "Voices," with my childhood friend, Gary Tsai, M.D.  Gary shares a strong passion for the proper care & support of the mentally ill and I'm blessed to be a part of such a talented & wonderful team.  We are hoping that with this project, we can shine a light on an issue that many people are affected by. 

For more info, please check out: