I had the great pleasure of documenting the philosophy and spirit of 2 unique, motorcyclists in NY.  The shoot was shot in a documentary style and was a spec for GEICO.  One rider, one biker but both very passionate about motorcycles and shared with us many interesting stories. 

I got to experiment some motorcycle rigs for my 5D and also bought a Kodak Zi8 for some b-roll 60fps shots.  Some shots came out pretty well but in hindsight, I think I would approach it another way to get better results.  We were blessed with the weather (snowed the next day!) and in the end, I just hope to be able to share these guys' stories in a great way!  Another great shoot with the Rusty team.


I'm in love with motorcycles. I hope you did good shoot. Especially if you bought such great cameras.

03/25/2016 11:36am

These are the best features, parts and functions of a motorbike which I had ever see in my life.

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