The trailer for our feature length documentary, "Voices" is available to view here or at the film's website at

We are very excited to share this trailer and hope to begin the festival circuit run soon!!  You can subscribe to our mailing list here
I had a chance to collaborate with my old college buddies, the talented Ray Ricafort (Riggsyfort) and Mike Song.  The polishing of the video is all due to the great work by our editor Mark Batstone.  Amazing experience to have been able to work with everyone involved!  
GMDGT stands for Great Men Do Great Things and these gentlemen featured in Riggsyfort's debut music video definitely made great things happen.  With a shoe string budget and a very last minute change up, I think we were able to come up with something really great.  Shot on the RED Scarlet-X camera and features the talented Mike Song and the badass crew (DMai, Kazu, John, Kota, Noel, Chris, and Mark) this project was a true collaboration and hell of a fun project to be a part of.  I can't thank enough the people that helped out on this shoot and hope that we can all do it again!  Check out the video here.
I have the great pleasure of co-directing the feature length documentary, "Voices," with my childhood friend, Gary Tsai, M.D.  Gary shares a strong passion for the proper care & support of the mentally ill and I'm blessed to be a part of such a talented & wonderful team.  We are hoping that with this project, we can shine a light on an issue that many people are affected by. 

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"For Jie" has been officially selected to screen at this year's  Kent Film Festival.  For more info on the screening, visit here
"For Jie" has been officially selected to screen at this year's  Myrtle Beach International Film Festival.  For more info on the screening, visit here
I had the great pleasure of documenting the philosophy and spirit of 2 unique, motorcyclists in NY.  The shoot was shot in a documentary style and was a spec for GEICO.  One rider, one biker but both very passionate about motorcycles and shared with us many interesting stories. 

I got to experiment some motorcycle rigs for my 5D and also bought a Kodak Zi8 for some b-roll 60fps shots.  Some shots came out pretty well but in hindsight, I think I would approach it another way to get better results.  We were blessed with the weather (snowed the next day!) and in the end, I just hope to be able to share these guys' stories in a great way!  Another great shoot with the Rusty team.
The Red Cross PSA was created in hopes of inspiring people to share the gift of giving.  The shoot was also very fitting to the theme of giving as we were very fortunate enough to have my good friend Francesco Saviano, of Brown Recluse Films, lend us his studio space in Brooklyn to shoot our Red Cross PSA.  It was just the right amount of space for us to make it work. 

In addition, my friend Ramsey Fendall of Room Five Films, came in to shoot it and we definitely captured some beautiful footage.  My 5D was there for B-Cam but mostly everything was shot with Ramsey's RED camera.  It was such a great experience working with the generous cast & crew and I am very thankful to have been able to work with everyone.
For Jie will be screening on Saturday, Feb. 12th, 2011 for the Audience Choice screening for the 7th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival.  It will be screened with 11 other talented, short films throughout the weekend and the most popular choice from our audience will be chosen to screen at the film festival later in April.  If you have the time, please come out & support For Jie!

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