Last year, I was fortunate enough to be asked to shoot a project for Conde Nast Travler and Land Rover USA.  This project took us out to various locations within Inner Mongolia, where we followed and documented members of the Expedition Club in their search for the tomb of Genghis Khan!  The Land Rover vehicle was the perfect tool to travel through any type of terrain.  We drove it through dirt & rocks, mountains, water, and sand.  We had a small team and there were many challenges logistically but at the end, I think we were able to get some great footage.  It was an amazing adventure and experience and I definitely fell in love with the food out there!  I hope you enjoy the video above!
I'm currently in pre-production for the short film "Bowes Academy".  I'll be collaborating with director Greg Emetaz of Minor Apocalypse productions.  I'm very excited to be a part of this film and please check out our kickstarter page for more info and support!

More info here
GMDGT stands for Great Men Do Great Things and these gentlemen featured in Riggsyfort's debut music video definitely made great things happen.  With a shoe string budget and a very last minute change up, I think we were able to come up with something really great.  Shot on the RED Scarlet-X camera and features the talented Mike Song and the badass crew (DMai, Kazu, John, Kota, Noel, Chris, and Mark) this project was a true collaboration and hell of a fun project to be a part of.  I can't thank enough the people that helped out on this shoot and hope that we can all do it again!  Check out the video here.
I'm very excited to be in pre-production for writer/director Jiyeon Song's short film "Bubble Girl."  Please support her project!  You can find out more about her project here:
Deposit has been processed for the new Red Scarlet-X camera!  Can't wait to get it!
I had the great pleasure of documenting the philosophy and spirit of 2 unique, motorcyclists in NY.  The shoot was shot in a documentary style and was a spec for GEICO.  One rider, one biker but both very passionate about motorcycles and shared with us many interesting stories. 

I got to experiment some motorcycle rigs for my 5D and also bought a Kodak Zi8 for some b-roll 60fps shots.  Some shots came out pretty well but in hindsight, I think I would approach it another way to get better results.  We were blessed with the weather (snowed the next day!) and in the end, I just hope to be able to share these guys' stories in a great way!  Another great shoot with the Rusty team.
My friend Munefusa Shimohara is a Japanese writer/director based in NY.  He's currently raising funds for his new short "After the Requiem."  Mune's previous works have been selected to several film festivals all over the world.  His script sounds like another unique story and I'm very excited for him to make this project come forward.  If you can, any monetary donations would help (there is no such thing as too little). 

For more info on the project and donation, please click here.

I had the great pleasure of working with Kevin Patrick, Ken Daniels, and Rubina Aggarwal  of  Share the Mic and my good friend, Francesco Saviano of Brown Recluse Films.  We captured the gifted and genius music of Kyle Cousins, an Autistic singer/song-writer.

We shot with my 5D camera package and because it was a last minute project, Francesco reached out for sound to his friend who used to do sound a while back.  Therefore, he brought it back old school with a DAT recording system for our location sound recording.  Hey, but it got the job done and I think we have some really good footage at the end of the day!